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I'm a country girl at heart. I grew up in Wisconsin and then headed to southern California after college to escape the bone chilling cold of winter.
A few things I love: Coffee mugs, Blankets, Palm Springs, Warm Socks, Barns, and Vintage Cake Plates.

I love kids!! I worked with children with special needs as an Occupational Therapist for 15 years....which is amazing since I am only 22 (wink, wink)!! I am also an artist who loves to draw, paint and basically get messy with anything creative.
I have 3 kids, and a husband who LOVE my special French toast and chocolate popcorn on family movie night.
Oh, and I love the impromptu dance party....don't make me bust out the "Running Man" at a photoshoot because it could get ugly!
Well, that's enough about me.....I can't wait to hear all about you!!!